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  • Contact information for Gubernatorial appointees.

  • An independent state agency dedicated to ensuring that children in the state receive adequate protection and care from services or programs related to the welfare of children offered by a number of departments within state government.

  • Archives and distributes climatological data to State agencies, educational and research institutions, and private citizens.

  • Promotes the economic opportunity for individuals and businesses.

  • State’s chief accountant.

  • The collection that preserves the military history of this state.

  • Aims to improve the quality of life in South Carolina through the conservation of significant natural resource lands, wetlands, historic properties, and archeological sites.

  • File a complaint or learn about lemon law, auto insurance, or credit information.

  • State program that serves children with serious emotional or behavioral health diagnoses whose families need help keeping them in their home, school or community.

  • Protects citizens by confining offenders in controlled facilities.

  • Hears most types of appeals from the circuit court and the family court.

  • A tool used by counties and municipalities to report funds from fines, fees, and filing fee/assessments that by statute the county or municipality must remit back to the State Treasurer's Office.

  • Office under the State Attorney General's jurisdiction which provides support and services to eligible victims of crime.

  • An impartial third party who attempts to ensure that all crime victims are served justly, equitably, and fairly by South Carolina's criminal justice organizations.

  • Provides basic training for all law enforcement, detention, and telecommunications officers.

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