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  • Provider of workers' compensation insurance for state agencies, county and municipal government entities, and if required by the legislature, small business in the private sector in South Carolina.

  • Head of the Military Department for that state, overseeing the South Carolina Army National Guard, the South Carolina Air National Guard, and the South Carolina State Guard.

  • Central administrative agency for SC state government.

  • Forum for fair, prompt, and objective hearings for any person affected by an action or proposed action of certain agencies of the State of South Carolina.

  • Oversees the safety and development of the state's public-use airports.

  • Benefits and services information for seniors; funding opportunities, manuals, and training for providers.

  • Promotes and protects SC's agriculture industry.

  • State authority for alcohol and other drug abuse programming.

  • An independent state agency dedicated to promoting and protecting historical records and heritage of South Carolina.

  • The South Carolina AHEC is a state agency that provides education, recruitment and retention programs to improve the training, diversity, and distribution of South Carolina’s health care workforce.

  • Provides grants, services, and leadership to arts organizations, schools, and individual artists to preserve and promote the arts in South Carolina.

  • The state’s chief criminal prosecutor and legal officer.

  • Performs audits of state agencies and works to deter fraud and mismanagement of state funds.

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